Stewardship and Conversations that Matter for Enhancing Organisational Performance

Mr Peter Block
£ 395.00



The King's Fund
11-13 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0AN

Twenty years ago, Peter Block defined “stewardship” as being deeply accountable for the outcomes of your organisation without acting to control or take care of others. It is possible that given the calls for less heroic leadership, more positive deviance as well as recommendations arising from the Francis Report, that the need for “greater stewardship” is now more timely than ever. It is further possible that “stewardship” can bring about a shift in styles, thinking and action that can lead to greater levels of engagement and alignment through “conversations that matter. “

Now is the time for leaders at all levels of organisations to explore, refine and strengthen responsibility and accountability of both individuals and teams, and to explore issues of sharing and redistribution of roles and responsibilities for the sake of enhanced organisational performance and the well-being of the organisation as a whole. In this masterclass session, Peter will: Explore ways to shift your thinking about leadership and management practices across the organisation that can get even more out of your people; Share with you insights about giving employees choice by replacing control, consistency, and predictability with partnership, variability and surprise; Discover questions of purpose through shared conversations; Investigate how institutions can better serve their patients, stakeholders and communities in more profound ways.

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