Compassion and what patients really want

Dr Andrew McCulloch & Dr Paul Hodgkins & Pip Hardy
Wednesday 22nd of January 2014
£ 35.00
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Andrew McCulloch

Caring and social science - contradiction or synergy?

  1. Outline  the integrative approach to health and how this provides a good intellectual basis for caring
  2. Discuss  the role of organisations and organisational performance data in enhancing care, with a specific emphasis on patient experience data
  3. Assess the role of occupational science i.e. caring in the workplace - the workplace which facilitates caring
  4. Reflect on bringing together thinking, learning and feeling in order to care better - towards holistic evidence based caring


Pip Hardy

‘”The quivering of the heart”: hearing and sharing stories of compassion’

  1. Reflect on the meaning of compassion
  2. Consider what compassionate care looks like
  3. Recognise the value of stories in reminding us of our shared humanity
  4. Notice your response to stories of compassion
  5. Identify some actions that would help cultivating compassion in yourself and in your place of work





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