Care and Compassion: Need for a deeper and wider focus in healthcare

Dr Robin Youngson
Monday 20th of January 2014
£ 35.00
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Robin Youngson – Learning Objectives:

• Setting the scene for the whole programme

• How the narrow focus on physical disease and bio-medicine is missing the potential of healing relationships and whole-person care

• The enormous impact of emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing – more powerful than most of the medicines we use

• How the experience of care profoundly affects patient outcomes

• The relationship between health workers’ wellbeing and patient care

• The neuroscience of interpersonal connection and therapeutic relationships

• The simple daily practices of kindness and compassion that transform patient care and protect the health worker from burnout

• The healing power of touch

• Personal and organisational strategies for strengthening caring and compassion

• How to become part of the global movement for human-centred healthcare


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