An Open Approach to Innovation

An open approach to innovation is the subtext for 2EQIPP’s practice in all its work.

Our methods are grounded in seeking to understand how individuals, teams and organisations pursue innovation; and how innovations are then exploited within and outside the organisation.

One thing we have come to learn on innovation over the last 15 years is that you have to get to grips with a process that is dynamic, complex and uncertain.

Open Invitation

We think, therefore, that you need a lot of contacts to understand and pursue innovation. And ideally, the more diverse, eclectic blend of individuals you have to participate in an open community, the better the odds of realising new ideas and creating truly meaningful impact.

We invite and welcome ideas that address the opportunities and dilemmas facing health services worldwide. Inherent in our thinking is that we should always be challenging the future viability of our current practices and capabilities.

Our current portfolio is based around the following products and services:

  • Textbooks / eBooks

  • Practitioner handbooks

  • Seminars

  • Master-classes

  • Online programmes

  • Bespoke training

  • Research

We welcome ideas for work that will continue to provide quality insight, research and evidence-based learning in healthcare improvement along these dimensions. We also urge responses that require us to rethink what we presently do and how we provide it.

Exploit and Explore

One of our critical tasks is to see how we can engage in exploration through exploitation in order to realise the full potentialities of healthcare improvement work taking place inside and outside our organisation.

If you would like to contact 2EQIPP with an idea for work, to discuss how we might work together or with a suggestion for how we can improve our current offerings, please fill in the form below and we will make every effort to respond within 48 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

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