Our Healthcare work is built on Collaboration and Engagement

2EQIPP is a knowledge-transfer company that finds ways for health service organisations to sustain service improvement.

We challenge embedded habits and practices to create new purpose for clinical and non-clinical teams, and our approach is grounded in deep-rooted experience of the health sector.

At the heart of our work is the understanding that telling people what to do doesn’t help spread good practice. So our work is built on collaboration and engagement.

Our Story

For nearly 15 years, key personnel at 2EQIPP have collaborated with healthcare organisations, striving to improve their performance. We work on management, leadership and organisational issues that affect and are affected by the quality of service delivery. These are areas of increasing importance given the leap in expectations facing health service organisations – in fact, all organisations across public and private sectors – where individuals and teams are continually challenged to deliver more with less.

We identify issues internally through conversations and research with senior leaders, middle managers and front line staff, and we frame topics and problems working alongside our colleagues from organisations based nationally and internationally.

Products, Services, Experiences

The insights gathered from our own search process, in-depth conversations and deep immersion with colleagues form the foundations of our many outputs, which see the creation of practitioner focused texts, publications and toolkits; live experiences in the form of workshops and master classes to stimulate behaviour change amongst all levels of health service staff; and a range of online learning programmes that provide succinct, easily digestible learning on the key drivers of healthcare improvement.

Underpinning this all is a process that seeks to develop learning and insight that can be applied at the micro-level to push sustained and greater change at the system level. We aim to build practical and engaging learning for clinical and non-clinical staff and to create outputs that can sustain themselves and embed new ways of working for their teams in the long-term.


  • Partnered with leading health authorities to design, pilot, and roll out a first of its kind tool kit for thousands of Practice Nurses, providing quality indicators and core competencies to make everyday improvement a reality;
  • Reinvented approaches to healthcare service delivery, identifying the core value and application of Eliyahu Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints to the health sector and supporting innovation strategies on access, scheduling and bottleneck management across the entire NHS;
  • Created the framework document for core competencies in Primary Care, which formed the basis for the General Management Standards (GMS) in Primary Care and the GMS Contract;
  • Convened leadership master classes, in collaboration with several national and regional bodies in the NHS, drawing on an internationally renowned faculty of thought leaders for senior management across the NHS;
  • Published an extensive series of key handbooks and tool kits on the spread and dissemination of good practice across the NHS and healthcare organisations in Europe.