About our Interactive Clinical Commissing Group (CCG) Map

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are now the key player in the commissioning of healthcare services for local populations in England. A key feature of our interactive map is the range of aide-memoire information relating to the role and functions of CCGs and the authorisation domains that managers, leaders and constituent GP members can use on a daily basis.

Our analysis also extends to mapping out the individual Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) – please contact us directly if you are interested in accessing any individual CSU maps. These provides a useful reference point for assessing the services each CSU does well and the potential of CSUs at exerting impact via relational contracting support.

We welcome feedback from CCG, CSU and GP personnel, as well as beyond, on how these maps may be of direct use and how they may be improved.

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CCG Clusters and Commissioning Support Units

In addition to mapping CCG clusters across England, we will be producing a forthcoming series of short papers on the CCG/CSU landscape including the following themes:

  • What can we learn about the impact of authorisation waves on the establishment and performance of CCGs?
  • What can we deduce about the strategic priorities of CCGs and how do they relate to the Operating Framework/Mandate of the NHS?
  • Given the variation that exists within and across CCGs, how are size, income and demographic factors impacting on performance?
  • How are strategic alliances and market trends impacting on the levels and value of support provided to CCGs by CSUs?

Using the map

When the map has loaded, to focus on one particular area, use your mouse wheel to zoom in, or choose an area from the map to take you straight there.

Clicking on each individual CCG provides a profile detailing the population, the number of GP practices, key priorities and any conditions/directions.

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